Cat furniture is the “outdoors” for a kitten, providing the exercise, excitement, and enjoyment that will keep them fit and content. The more you engage your kitten, the more engaging your cat will be. Purrniture properly placed in your home and regular playtime will mean less stress and damage to your furniture and a strong bond between your kitten and you.

Cat furniture and appropriate cat toys will be a unique jungle gym for cats bringing all the good parts of the outdoors inside your home.

Products below are highly recommended for active Kittens and Cats who like to run, climb and crawl. Introducing study furniture while they are kittens is a great way to make them confident and love their furniture.

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Paperbag Cat Tunnel

NEW. Paperbag Cat Tunnel. Not made of paper! Cat tunnels encourage interactive play and stimulate cat’s instincts for stalking and
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Cone Cat Tree and Scratcher ~ grey / wood brown

Cone Tree Scratcher ~ grey or wood brown, includes a new and improved cushion. Cone Tree Scratcher is a contemporary
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Lollipop Cardboard Scratcher

Low in stock. Replacements back in stock in March/April 2024. I am called Lollipop. I’m a round shaped minimalist and
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Plywood & Cardboard Cat Scratcher Couch

Cardboard Cat Scratcher Couch Cardboard Cat Scratcher Couch is set in a plywood frame and it is a comfortable sofa for
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Zigzag Cat Tunnel

Last chance to order! Humans aren’t the only ones who tend to develop bad habits when bored. A bored cat
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Tok Tok Cat Pole Dancer

Currently unavailable, this version won’t be back in stock. Carpet replacements will be back in stock in March 2024. Please
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Tok Tok Cat Pole Dancer II

Next shipment expected in late March 2024. Please join the waitlist to be first to know – select your choice
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