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Wall-Mounted Climbing Board with Rope

We’re excited to bring back our wall climbing board. Our new design features softened jute rope for sensitive paws and
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Wall-Mounted Climbing Board Wide with Step

Create an indoor enrichment wall for your cat with our wall-mounted furniture.  This is an extra wide and tall wall-mounted
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Wall-Mounted Cat Shelf

Create an indoor playground for your cat with our wall-mounted shelves. Use these shelves on their own or combine them
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Wall-Mounted Cat Hammock

Wall hammock is a comfortable place for your cat to have a comfy snooze somewhere high up. Just like a
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Wall-Mounted Curved Perch

Creating an indoor playground with wall-mounted furniture can save your space and provide much needed enrichment for your cat.  Wall-mounted
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Wall-Mounted Bridge

A place for your cats to hangout and watch the world. Size (in cm): L114 (in position creating a curve
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Cat Wall Set I

Cat Wall Set I with variations Choose your set at a discounted price (reflecting 7% OFF). Each set includes: 1x
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Wall-mounted Cat Hammock & Climbing Board

Our wall-mounted acrylic bowl & climbing board is back (upgraded version) This set includes: 1x wooden frame and transparent acrylic bowl
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