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Pillar scratcher for Tok Tok

Additional Pillar Scratcher for Tok Tok  By adding this additional scratching pole to your Tok Tok Basic or with Climbing
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Winter House Fabric for Tok Tok House

‘Winter house’ fabric for the house on Tok Tok Cat Tree. Designed to retain the heat and keep cats warm
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House for Tok Tok

Additional Wooden House for Tok Tok Cat Tree In multi-cat households adding a second house may be desirable. Tok Tok
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Half Fabric for Tok Tok House

“Half house” fabric for the house on Tok Tok Cat Tree. Colours to choose from: green, red or brown. 100%
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Fabric Hammock for Tok Tok

Many cats love resting in hammocks.  If you have a multiple cat household and your cats compete over the hammock,
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Transparent Hammock

Many cats love resting in hammocks.  Add another hammock for more resting options for your furry babies.  If you have
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Wooden Platform for Tok Tok

BACK IN STOCK IN MID-LATE JANUARY Wooden platform/step for Tok Tok including the carpet pad and all you need for
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Round Carpet for Tok Tok

Round Carpet Pads for Tok Tok including screws Add it onto the top of Tok Tok Tower house/inside the house. 
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Carpet for Tok Tok Pole

In case you prefer to cover the pole of our Tok Tok Cat Tree with carpet instead of the rope
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