All our plywood furniture is made in Korea in small family factories run by skilled pet furniture designers and craft makers.

We are committed to ensure the materials and operations involved with the manufacture of our products meet acceptable standards for quality and safety, fair labor, ethical business practices, and environmental responsibility.

We are dedicated to delivering high quality, long lasting and ethically made products that are 100% safe for cats, therefore we choose small-scale production rather than mass produced items. For us it means guaranteed quality of our products and reduction of by-product waste. Every piece is handmade and carefully checked before it reaches our customers.

Why not made in Australia? We’ve been trying to locate Australian manufacturers, but as far we haven’t been able to find a suitable factory. There is also another reason why our existing designs are made in Korea. Most of our products are designed by Korean architects to be made in their own workshops. We will not reproduce their designs in Australia.

Tok Tok Cat Tree is made in a factory specializing only in floor to ceiling cat poles and cannot be made elsewhere. Tok Tok factory is committed to creating 100% safe and long lasting cat poles.

We are not able to provide any custom designs at this point. It’s a time-consuming process to design a well-functional product and bring it into a life. As you can imagine there are many steps involved before it arrives to your door. Firstly, a prototype is tested for durability and once approved, a production can start.

What we can do is to take your ideas and suggestions into consideration and design or find a product based on your thoughts and ideas in the future. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you like to share your suggestions with us. We are all ears.

Our furniture is made for indoor use only, it’s made from FSC certified interior grade birch plywood. Exterior grade plywood is made from a different hardwood and often it has visible knots and blemishes which makes the surface less attractive. Exterior grade plywood is also additionally treated with waterproof adhesive such as urethane resin (highly toxic chemical) which we want to avoid on surfaces when making products used by pets. The health comes first for us. You can place the furniture outdoors under a well protected cover away from the rain. Rain will damage the furniture very quickly.

This is one of the first and most frequently asked questions. Cats are smart creatures and follow their own logic, but it doesn’t mean you can’t change your cat’s perspective.

If your cat will use our furniture depends on many factors.

If your cat lives exclusively indoors, most healthy cats will immediately know the furniture is there to use by them and they will use it straight away. This is particularly true with kittens and young cats. If your cat loses the interest after you place it somewhere in your home, it only means you placed it at the spot your cat doesn’t like or is not used to just yet. Some cats (especially older cats) may take time to get used to something new. Especially when your cat has never tried a hammock before, it may take some time for your cat to trust it.

The best is to associate the furniture with a pleasant feeling, make it as a part of the play, place treats or toys on it, be creative, playful and patient.

If this doesn’t help, you may need to find a different place for it. For example, near a window or near a place your cat likes to relax or watch the world go by. Although different cats have different preferences, with good observation skills and perseverance you may be able to reach your goal.

We dedicate many blog posts to this topic. Please click here to read more.

Most of our cat furniture is designed for any small (such as Burmese, Abyssian or Oriental cats) and medium cat breeds (such as most European domestic, Ragdoll or American shorthair cats). Mid-sized cats typically weigh between 4.5 and 7 kg.

Most of our furniture will hold multiple cats without any issues. Poles and frames are made of wood or steel, these materials cannot be damaged easily. All our designs are very sturdy and could hold even a human (Tok Tok floor to ceiling cat tree has been tested to carry 70kg adult).

Some of our products are suitable for large cats. The platforms are much larger in size than many cat trees on the market have, apart from those brands that focus on extra large cats. For very large cat breeds we recommend Tok Tok Cat Tree. The wooden steps and the house are spacious, acrylic hammock might not be suitable, but fabric hammock can accommodate larger cats. The best is to measure your cat when curled up and compare the diameter of the hammock with your kitty. Please get in touch with us to discuss any queries. Based on our experience and feedback from our customers we can recommend a desirable constellation of  Tok Tok (Yes, we can customize it for you!) or a different product.

When we say our furniture is sturdy, we really mean it. Unless you want to break it by force, there is no way your cat or your small child will break it.

Yes, many parts are replaceable. It is easy to replace them. We have these parts listed on the website. If you cannot find a replacement you need in our store, please get in touch with us, we will organize it for you.

Our transparent ball is made from a thick acrylic also called plexiglass. It can hold up to 12 kg. It is designed to fit any small or medium sized cat. Although it may appear small in size, some cats enjoy this type of shape and/or material and these will enjoy the snug feeling it provides. Nothing is absolutely unbreakable, but as long as you don’t cause any strong shock to the product, it will not break easily.

Please note that different products feature different size of the acrylic hammock, you will find this in the description of each product.

Birch plywood is naturally warm and light coloured. Our furniture has durable top coat – UV treatment for water-resistance which adds to toughness, resistance to chips, and scrapes, but it has no colour. It is what adds a shine to its natural appearance. Our products come from a small-production factory and making them in different colour variations means increased cost. We might be able to offer different colours in future depending on the demand.

Our furniture is carefully packed in South Korea, ensuring everything arrives to us and then to our customers damage-free. Packaging includes soft plastics such as plastic bags, bubble wrap and polystyrene. As we all know these plastics are not good for our environment and we strongly suggest you recycle them via Redcycle.

We’re committed to improve and use 100% biodegradable packaging as soon as it’s available at the place of the manufacture.

When we pack items made in Australia, we use only eco-conscious materials and we inform you about the materials used, so you know how to appropriately dispose of or recycle them.

If you would like to learn about the idea of a circular economy we support, please click on these links:

Thank you for creating a more sustainable future with us.