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Crescent Kitty House

Crescent Kitty House for cats of all sizes. Designed even for larger cat breeds in mind; it features heavier wood,
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Myomyo Cat House Scratcher

Last chance to order! Myomyo Cat House Scratcher Myomyo (meow meow) is made of corrugated cardboard featuring a cat print
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Wave – Modern Cat Bed and Scratcher

Wave shaped cat bed scratcher. This funky cat scratcher/lounge design is made in the shape of a wave or a
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Sunbed – Modern Elevated Cat Bed

Original price was: $150.00.Current price is: $130.00.
Sunbed Cat Hammock. Very simple but stylish and elegant cat hammock for any modern cat. Made of durable stainless steel
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Cork Breadbasket – Comfy Cat Bed

I am like a snugly shoe box for your kitty, just much nicer and will last much longer. This enjoyment
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Cone Cat Tree and Scratcher ~ grey / wood brown

Cone Tree Scratcher ~ grey or wood brown, includes a new and improved cushion. Cone Tree Scratcher is a contemporary
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