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Velvet Cushion ~ various colourways

We call it the pancake cushion. We think your cat might enjoy the feeling of this super soft velvet cushion.
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Half Moon

If you’re looking for an extra large platform to add to your Tok Tok Cat Tree or Cat Pole Dancer
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Tok Tok Bridge

R E S T O C K expected mid February 2022 ~ please join the waitlist to be first to
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Extension Rod for Tok Tok

Currently out of stock ~ coming back late January. Are you ordering Tok Tok, but your ceiling height is more
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Food/Water Table for Tok Tok

Food table for Tok Tok Cat Tower including the bracket Improved brackets are easy to add at any time to
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Climbing board for Tok Tok

Climbing board for Tok Tok Cat Tower By adding this piece your cat can enjoy climbing up, getting a long
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Pillar scratcher for Tok Tok

Additional Pillar Scratcher for Tok TokĀ  By adding this additional scratching pole to your Tok Tok Basic or with Climbing
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Winter House Fabric for Tok Tok House

‘Winter house’ fabric for the house on Tok Tok Cat Tree. Designed to retain the heat and keep cats warm
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House for Tok Tok

Additional Wooden House for Tok Tok Cat Tree In multi-cat households adding a second house may be desirable. Tok Tok
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