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Purrfect Pens Tops Quality Cat Enclosures Australia
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What makes a space instantly more cat-tastic?

How about top-quality cat enclosures and cat netting from a fantastic Aussie business?

Let’s meet them, shall we?

We’re delighted today to feature another wonderful Australian family-run business – Purrfect Pens.

Based in Canberra, Purrfect Pens provide custom cat enclosures throughout the Canberra region – to transform yards, balconies, patios and verandahs into enriching outdoor cat safe spaces.

Owners Paul and Maarit are avid cat people and supporters of ‘Don’t shop, adopt’, with each of their furry family members having come from animal welfare or rescue organisations.

And, they’ve discovered that our Floor to Ceiling Cat Trees, the TokTok and Cat Pole Dancer, are loved by their cats and their client’s cats alike.

PURRFECT PENS Top quality cat enclosures Australia
Purrfect Pens Top Quality Cat Enclosures Australia

About Purrfect Pens, Canberra

Purrfect Pens specialises in outdoor cat enclosures throughout the Canberra region.

They offer fully customised and affordable options to keep your feline family members safe, secure and happy outdoors.

With an amazing range of options and customisations, including UV-rated netting, galvanised and powder coated steel mesh frames, doors, and aerial walkways, Purrfect Pens can accommodate all your cat enclosure needs for yards, courtyards, verandas, and balconies, and they offer fixtures to walls, fences and floors including timber, brick, steel, concrete and grass.

With the addition of aerial walkways, hammocks, platforms, shelter, and cat-friendly plants you can make any outdoor space a true recreational haven for your cats.

Let’s dive into our chat with Paul and Maarit.

Purrfect Pens Top Quality Cat Enclosures Australia
Catify Your Home Australia
Top Quality Metal Cat Enclosures Australia

What led you to start Purrfect Pens?

“We’ve always been animal lovers, and having indoor-only cats we recognised the need for cats to safely access the outdoors,” says Paul.

“And the abundance of wildlife in Canberra reinforces the need to keep cats enclosed.
Animal lovers, and with Paul’s background in metal work – creating cat enclosures made purrfect sense

“I have a background in metal work, and we actually started Purrfect Pens around 10 years ago, as a side business when my ‘day job’ allowed.

But as time went on, I wasn’t able to dedicate the attention that it required, so in late 2020 a career change was on the horizon, and working with my hands again and being able to work with cats and cat lovers made purrfect sense.”

Purrfect Pens Custom Steelwork Australia

Who are your furry family members?

“Earlier this year we welcomed two lovely boy kittens, Inky and Smudge, who are now nine months old, brothers from a litter of nine (!),” says Maarit.

“Just weeks ago we also welcomed a lovely one-year-old tabby girl who we named Suki. She is so loving and affectionate, she even sleeps underneath our doona at night.

“We also have a 14-year-old dog, Maddie.

“Sadly, we recently had to say goodbye to our beloved 17-and-a-half year old cat Dougal, and our 15-year-old dog Echo, so the ‘kittens’ have been providing much needed energy, cuddles and entertainment.

“We strongly support ‘Don’t shop, adopt’ and all of our pets have come from animal welfare or rescue organisations.”“We’re so grateful to the organisations and foster carers who invest so much of themselves in raising and caring for animals in need, animals that have likely found themselves without a home through no fault of their own, or a change in circumstances.”

Floor to Ceiling strong well built cat tree

What’s one part of your work you love the most?

Paul speaks about their passion for every part of the job…

“It’s hard to think of a more enjoyable job! Our clients are like-minded people who love their cats and want to keep them safe and happy. It’s so great to work with animal lovers.

“Lots of cats shy away from our installation teams for obvious reasons – strangers outside the home, noise and movement, power tools running – but we frequently have ‘supurrvisors’ watching through the windows, inspecting our tools up close, and ready to run outside and inspect their newly secured outdoor space.

“We love engaging with our furry clients.”

How has the eco-friendly cat furniture from Woods for Cats supported the work you do?

Maarit explains: “The wonderful clients we meet every day come to us because they want to create an outdoor space to complement their existing indoor space.

“We know how important environmental enrichment is for animals indoors or in an enclosure. Having space indoors to climb, stretch and scratch is just as important as having outdoor time

“And, with many of our clients living in apartments and townhouses, the small footprint is ideal for their space.

“Plus, the fact that there are no permanent fixtures or drilling required for the TokTok range is a huge benefit for people who are renting, and even for people who may be restricted by their owner’s corporation from fixing items to floors and ceilings.”

“Our favourite? The Tok Tok Cat Tree is the family favourite”, says Maarit. “It is so versatile for the cats and so visually appealing for the humans!

Compact Cat Tree for Apartments Australia
Floor to Ceiling Cat Pole Australia
Tok Tok Cat Tree Australia
Durable well built cat tree

The compact size, versatility and the fact there’s no permanent fixtures required have made the TokTok range ideal for renters, and clients living in apartments and townhouses.

“We have been able to move and adjust the platforms, house and hammocks as we have watched how the cats use it for play and sleep.

“The pillar scratcher has been such a huge hit we may even be able to consider new couches in the future!

And, the Tok Tok Cat Pole Dancer has been amazing for when the cats get the ‘zoomies’ – they run up and play on the ledge before repeating the process over and over.

“Even our least agile cat handles the Pole Dancer with ease.

“The colour options are gorgeous and so far removed from ‘typical’ neutral cat furniture, and by far our favourite thing about Woods for Cats products is their exceptional quality. They are so strong, so well built, and so durable.

“With Woods for Cats products in our home we wholeheartedly recommend them to our clients confident that they will love them as much as we do.”

Creating a safe cat paradise with Purrfect Pens

“At Purrfect Pens, we use the top-quality netting and enclosure systems from Catnets”, says Paul.

“We’re also able to design and create custom steelwork for people who require made-to-measure gates, aerial walkways, and solutions for tricky areas.

“Each enclosure is designed to fit into your space, and we love a challenge!”

If you’re in the Canberra region, or you’re looking for inspiration to set up safe and enriching spaces outdoor spaces for your cats, you can find Purrfect Pens online at:




Photography content provided by Purrfect Pens

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