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If you’ve been part of the Woods for Cats family for a while, you’ll know that we adore supporting local Australian, family-run businesses who are creating cat-tastic spaces for our feline family members.

We recently connected with Noosa Country Cat Hotel and provided some of our cat furniture for their guests to enjoy (they told us that The Cat Pole Dancer has been a big hit!). We have a real treat for you today, as we’re excited to share with you more of the story behind Noosa Country Cat Hotel, and a behind the scenes into the beautiful experience of cat guests, directly from owner, Amy Langley.

Noosa cat hotel

About Noosa Country Cat Hotel

Offering luxurious country cat stays in beautiful Black Mountain, Noosa Hinterland, the hotel is situated within one of the most scenic parts of Australia and a world-renowned tourist destination on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland.

Guests can relax and unwind in a stunning private setting within a 102 year old historic homestead ‘Burraburoo’.

Boasting authentic country sights and sounds and fresh mountain breezes, owner Amy is highly experienced in all aspects of animal handling as well as superior cleanliness regimes and an eye for the smallest of details.

What led you to create the Noosa Country Cat Hotel?

“I initially came up with the idea to create Noosa Country Cat Hotel after adopting our little Tabby cat ‘Mike’ from the RSPCA.

“The concept of us going away on a holiday and leaving him anywhere but home in his comfort zone was a daunting thought, so I came up with a plan to create a high-end, luxury, boutique cat hotel that offered cats like Mike all the creature comforts of home in a beautiful relaxed country setting.

“As a cat owner I have an understanding of the particular likes and dislikes of cats, including the need to
stretch out on soft surfaces, worship the sun, hide away in cosy nooks, climb, jump, pounce, scratch, and play. I also know cats don’t like a lot of loud noise, so definitely no dog boarding happening here any time soon!”

Amy describes the thoughtful interior choices for the hotel

“I decided on a country chic aesthetic, staying true to our name and also the style of property and my taste in colours and textures. The hotel is based within Burraburoo Homestead, 104 year old historic homestead on what once was over 100 acres of prime farming land in the lush Noosa Hinterland.

“I chose ginghams and creamy tones with pops of country coloured gingham check against white multi-level suites. I use plush white and cream bedding and warm cosy neutral tone blankets, and I play soothing music or have daytime telly on in the background.”

Views for miles

“Each guest has a view from their suite of our catio which looks over the paddock and our chickens. The air conditioning temperature is always set to a level for day and night comfort. I’ve basically created a hotel for cats which I’d consider good enough to stay myself, meow!”

Who is the family behind the Noosa Cat Hotel?

With a background in animal husbandry, Amy is highly experienced in all aspects of animal care

“I have a background in animal husbandry as a wildlife carer and wildlife park/zoo keeper, as well as cattle property station hand in remote parts of the country.
“More than this, I’m generally just an animal enthusiast, having a genuine admiration and respect for all creatures great and small – even the scaly, slithery and 8 legged kind!

“We all have our place in this ecosystem, we are all equally as important in my view, which is why we are also a Wildlife Land Trust Sanctuary and Land For Wildlife Property, ensuring the future of wildlife, flora and the natural habitat found here is safe.

Being an animal enthusiast runs in the family

“We have two little girls, Victoria (6) and Annabelle (3) who both have followed in my husband (Owen) and my own footsteps, showing the same admiration and respect for animals, including our own three cats, two dogs, 18 chickens, 7 roosters and two turkeys (yes, you read that correctly).

“They are gentle, caring, loving little girls who have a lot of enthusiasm for the Cat Hotel and show great interest in what happens day to day. They don’t play a huge role except for when a guest’s family mentions their cat may miss their own children while on vacay with us, which is when we allow gentle, monitored interactions between our own children and guests… the love is always reciprocated which is so adorable to watch!

“My husband Owen is a caring man by nature also. A Queensland Fire & Rescue Fireman, he is a big softie. He can often be found chatting away to a guest in the catio, or more beautifully still, allowing a guest to curl up on his lap as he reads… I usually stumble across these gorgeous scenes when I least expect it and have heart-burst moments, I married a good egg! Our home environment and family are what makes this hotel warm, loving and special. We have so much to offer our guests and their families.”

What’s one of your favourite parts of your work?

“I absolutely love the moment a guest decides they can trust me wholeheartedly. Sometimes it’s instant, other times within minutes, sometimes it’s days, but it’s such an identifiable, palpable, beautiful moment that reassures me I’m doing things right… allowing my guests to fully relax and enjoy a holiday while fulfilling their emotional needs.

“It’s the gentle little head boops, kneading, purrs, tail swishes, arched back and tip toe walking as they pirouette around my ankles, a flop and roll/stretch on the floor, allowing me to pat their tummy or chin… these are the moments I adore the most and live for as a Cat Hotel owner!”

How have the cat furniture pieces from Woods for Cats been received by your guests?

“My goodness they have been an absolute hit! Cat Pole Dancer is set up in our main catio and hasn’t had a rest!

“Our first guest to use it was Pepper, a long-stay guest who loves to climb. She scaled it instantly and started to head rub, purr and knead… What a darling, and what a response! That response hasn’t changed, she still does the same with every climb!

The cat beds and houses have been a beautiful addition to the Farmhouse Deluxe Room, fitting in so absolutely perfectly. The aesthetic colour and texture matches have been uncanny really! Guests have been drawn to these instantly also, and I don’t blame them… I’m secretly hoping for a human size one!”

“My favourite? I really love the Lotus Cat House…The shape, texture and depth of it is just perfect and cats love to curl up in it and snooze or peer out if they’re a little timid on arrival… it’s also so easily moved around the hotel – really great considering I change things up regularly to enhance enrichment!”

How are guests introduced to the Cat Hotel and what’s the routine life during their

The inviting introduction

“Introducing guests is usually first done in our catio. It’s a nice big open space that’s not used for routine feed times, so it’s a neutral space and very inviting. It also has direct views onto the paddock and our chickens, so no matter how nervous a guest is on arrival, those nerves are quickly forgotten at the sight of a fluffy white chicken or large turkey waddling along making gobble noises.

The routine that suits the whiskers

“As we are small scale, I really do allow guests to decide their own routines. I always ask for details of any specific routines guests are familiar with at home and stick to these where possible, but when it comes to the ability to snooze in the sun, have fresh air and look into the paddock (as well as the all the essentials – feeds, litter changes, fresh water, warmth, comfort and love), I see these as necessities and ensure each and every guest has the ability to do this two or more times a day.

Quality time, companionship and enrichment

“I devote a lot of my time to simply sitting and offering interaction and companionship to my guests, making sure they are feeling loved, cared for, but also further ensuring nerves are diminishing as they settle into their holidays. I can usually be found with a cup of coffee or tea in the catio, or sitting in the Farmhouse Cottage or Deluxe Room with a guest on my lap purring away.

“Apart from this, my cleaning schedule and routines remain the same daily. I’m a bit fussy when it comes to this… I’m not a fan of seeing kitty litter on the floor or mess anywhere, so I’m a regular litter box cleaner, sweeper, water replacer and am always wiping down surfaces often, replacing bedding, blankets and giving suites a spritz while vacant. As we are home based it’s really important to keep a clean hotel for the sake of my guests, and for the rest of the house and our family and cats too.

“I like to eliminate smells and keep things in order. We compost our litter and avoid single use plastics where possible even, reducing our carbon footprint every way we can!”

The thoughtful extras, like a digital collection of vacay pictures

“I like to update families about their cats daily or every second day which is why I take a lot of photos and upload them to social media very regularly – content galore! I’ve always got gorgeous subject matter to snap or film, so I do!

“I’ve got a keen interest in photography and have done a bit of product advertisement and print work which was fun, but my love lies with lifestyle and action shots of cats at rest and play. I love being able to offer my clients a little digital collection of lovely professional photos of each guest staying here – after all, they are on vacay too! I believe this helps to reassure clients and ease nerves also, just something I’d expect to receive myself as a cat owner leaving my previous babies in someone else’s care!”

You can find out more about Amy and the stunning Noosa Country Cat Hotel here.

Photography content provided by Amy herself.

Text written & edited by
Jasmin Harrison
Founder at Word Wizardry | instagram: @word_wizardry

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