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Customisable cat tree that’s as individual as your cat

compact and customisable cat tree
Tok Tok cat tree from Woods for Cats solved Sarah’s struggle to find compact, sturdy and customisable cat enrichment furniture

Sarah and her two rescue cats, Toby and Lara, happily navigate shift work and apartment living, also thanks to their Tok Tok cat tree.

Toby – adopted from the RSPCA when he was one and a half (in 2020). Toby likes his own space and is easily startled. An active boy, he loves to use Tok Tok for jumping and climbing, and to sharpen his claws.

Lara – rescued from AWL when she was 10 weeks old. Lara is a sociable cat who loves to cuddle, lounge around and to play.

compact and customisable cat tower
Tree for multi cat households Australia
Sturdy cat tree for large cats Australia
compact and customisable cat tree
Tok Tok Floor to ceiling cat tree Australia
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Finding a sturdy cat tower that was strong enough to hold two young, active cats, and tall enough for an apartment with a high ceiling

As a first-time cat parent, Sarah wanted to make sure that Toby (and later Lara), had plenty of stimulation during her long shifts at work. Specifically, she wanted a quality cat tower that would provide enrichment, exercise space and a scratching post, all-in-one.

Yet, with Toby being a strong and boisterous young cat, and her apartment having 2.6 metre high ceilings, it was no easy task to find suitable cat furniture that would meet all of their needs.

When Sarah came across eco-friendly pet furniture brand, Woods For Cats, she discovered that Tok Tok floor to ceiling cat tree could provide all the height, strength and versatility she needed.


Tok Tok cat tree secures easily to Sarah’s 2.6m ceilings and is strong enough for her boisterous boy cat, Toby.

“Discovering Woods For Cats simplified my search for the perfect cat furniture. I chose Tok Tok because of its floor-to-ceiling design, which gives my cats so much space to climb and explore. It’s even spacious enough to easily fit both cats, and strong enough to withstand Toby racing up and down it, or leaping onto it.”

Adding to the ease of the process, Sarah found the shipping and assembly simple, and was able to easily move the tower from one spot in her apartment to another thanks to its spring-loaded function.

Because of the versatility of Tok Tok, Sarah has continued to adapt it over time. So far she has added scratching rope and hammocks which Toby and Lara adore!

compact and customisable cat tree Australia
Tok Tok cat tree for multiple cats Australia
Tok Tok floor to ceiling cat tree for large cats Australia
tall and sturdy cat tree Australia
compact and customisable cat tree Australia
Tok Tok cat tree for large cats Australia


The perfect fit for apartment life and a multi-cat family

“I’m so happy with Tok Tok. It’s tall enough for my apartment and it looks great. Better still, it’s lasting well and has the flexibility to adjust it to suit any space and any cat.”

Sarah has been particularly impressed with the durability of the tower, sharing “I’ve never had to tighten or adjust it after use, the instructions are super clear, and most importantly, Lara and Toby are so much happier and they use their Tok Tok every day. If you’re considering buying a cat tower, definitely reach out to Livia at Woods for Cats. She knows so much about cat wellbeing and enrichment, and will take all the time in the world to talk to you about what could work for your home and your cat.”

Find out more about Tok Tok cat trees here:

Cat Tree with small floor print Australia
compact and customisable cat tower
compact and customisable cat tower Australia
Tok Tok Cat Hammock Australia
Tok Tok Cat tree for large cats australia
compact and customisable cat tower
compact and customisable cat tower Australia

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