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Relocating Tok Tok Cat Tree

high quality cat tree Australia

How advice from Livia at Woods For Cats turned ‘my cats won’t use the nice thing I just bought them’, into ‘they now use their cat tower every day’.


When Megan adopted her cats, she knew the importance of giving indoor cats access to enrichment, stimulation and quiet spaces to retreat. 

Anya was the first to join the family, adopted in June 2020, at 4 months old. Anya lived as a solo indoor cat for a while, however when COVID restrictions started to ease, Megan worried about Anya being at home alone all day when she returned to work. 

After much thought and consideration, Hallie was adopted in November, 2020 and has just celebrated her 1-year adoptiversary. 

Woods for Cats have provided Megan with the sustainable, high quality cat furniture she was after, complete with invaluable insights to support both cats to enjoy using their towers. 

high quality cat furniture
Cat Tree Australia

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Finding long-lasting cat furniture for enrichment that her indoor cats would actually use

When she adopted Anya, Megan bought a cheaper, carpeted cubby tower for Anya. However, she noticed that in a space of weeks the scratching post had already started to disintegrate. It was no longer usable for Anya, and was destroying the aesthetic of the room.

Megan went online to find an aesthetic and high quality cat tower for Anya – something that would give her vertical real estate to climb, sleep, hide, and observe the world.

Megan wanted a cat tower that she would also like, that would last more than a few months, and that could be easily set up in her rental apartment.

She came across eco pet furniture company, Woods For Cats. She loved their ethos, and the quality and aesthetic of their cat furniture.

Megan purchased both the Woods for Cats Grand Piano Cat Tower and the Tok Tok Cat Tower.

Woods For Cats
Cat Tree Australia
high quality cat furniture Australia


A fresh approach to cat furniture, backed by a deeper understanding of cat behaviour

Just like people, cats are individuals with their own personalities, preferences and fears. Sometimes what one cat likes, another won’t.

When Hallie joined the family, she was at first hesitant to use the Tok Tok Cat Tower.

Instead of giving up and giving it away, Megan was able to turn to Woods for Cats for support and advice that saw Hallie go from avoiding the Tok Tok to using it every single day.

“When I first got the Tok Tok, I had it in the lounge room against a back wall. I chose this space as it was somewhere the cats could still be involved with myself and with visitors. However, only Anya would use it.

“After seeking advice from Woods for Cats, I made the decision to relocate the Tok Tok into another room, placing it next to a window. It was the best move, and I’m kicking myself for not doing it sooner. Since moving the tower, both cats have been using it every single day.

“Woods for Cats helped me to consider the space from a cat’s perspective – to see that the original placement against the wall could have made them feel trapped as they couldn’t easily get away once they jumped onto it.

“Plus, the new spot in front of the window has sunshine, a big tree outside which sees a lot of bird action, and the cats can see the driveway activity of people coming and going. What’s not to love about that?

high quality cat tree Australia
Modern Cat Tower Australia
high quality cat tower Australia
Megan found the tower incredibly easy to relocate:

“I initially put off moving the Tok Tok thinking I would need an extra pair of hands, however I moved it myself in an afternoon.

“The top of the Tok Tok is spring loaded, using pressure to hold it securely in place between the floor and ceiling. I’m in a rental and it caused no damage at all to my apartment – in fact you can’t even tell it was moved.”

Megan has also been able to customise the Tok Tok to meet Anya and Hallie’s different needs.

“The standard model comes with one cat house, but I was able to easily add on another one so that they have one house each. I also added a climbing board for them to sprint up. And I added one extra flat platform for Hallie, who is a tiny cat and needs more ledges to help her easily jump up onto higher parts of the Tok Tok.

“I could see her earlier on trying to jump up and becoming like the meme kitten hanging from the tower with her back legs dangling in thin air. I didn’t want her to become frightened of the tower and start avoiding it, so I added the extra flat platform and it’s been very successful.”

Cat furniture
high quality cat furniture Australia
Woods For Cats
Woods For Cats


Quality cat furniture that will adapt to suit their needs across their lifetime

“I have had both towers for a year now and they look as new as the day they arrived. Both Anya and Hallie use them everyday to sleep, and watch the world go by.

“I don’t have to worry about the products only lasting a few months, or developing unsafe leans like some of the cheaper products out there. They look beautiful in my space, and even though the outlay is a little more upfront, I know that they will last my two for their whole lives.

“And the flexibility of the towers has meant that I can adapt them and move them as needed.

“Woods for cats are one of the best companies to deal with online. They have a really quick turnaround on answering questions via email and Instagram (it’s rare to wait more than an hour). I love their ethos – they strive to be sustainable and they support rescue groups around Australia. Plus, they’re 100% committed to the furniture, and to cats having indoor enrichment. They are always happy to troubleshoot any issues with the products or position and they understand cats.”

To anyone thinking of buying from Woods for Cats, Megan says:

“It’s important when you’re investing a bit more to know that you’re not on your own with it if it doesn’t work out – there can be so many factors that might contribute to your cat not wanting to use a piece of furniture. I’d recommend having a look at the space you have in your house and where you would like to put your cat furniture. Then, reach out to the Woods for Cats team and chat to them about your thoughts, seek their input and be guided by their recommendations.”

high quality cat furniture Australia

Written & Edited by:
Jasmin Harrison
Founder at Word Wizardry | instagram: @word_wizardry

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