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Cat furniture for multi-cat household

Cat furniture for multi-cat household

The solution to long-lasting cat furniture that adapts with your cats age and needs


Matleena and her 11-year-old feline family members, Kath and Kim, share their home with a dog and a variety of foster cats and kittens.

With so many different cat personalities, ages and needs under one roof, Matleena knew the importance of finding versatile, long lasting enrichment options for her home.

Woods for Cats cat furniture met everyone’s needs, by providing towers and scratchers suited to apartment life, that are durable enough for multiple cats.

Cat Tree for large cats Australia
Customisable cat Furniture
Cat tree for multiple cats


Finding cat furniture that was suitable for a multi-cat apartment, and made to withstand many sets of paws and claws

When Matleena began fostering rescued cats and kittens, she knew she would need long-lasting, quality cat towers to provide enrichment, exercise and scratching space.

“I used to have a large scratching post that took up so much room, and my cats would just walk past. They never showed any interest in it, and would prefer to use my couch to sharpen their nails instead.”

Living in an apartment, it was important to find compact cat furniture that was easy to install (and remove) without causing damage. And, it needed to suit her older cats who live with arthritis, as well as the young energetic foster kittens who stay with them.

Matleena also knew she wanted something that would add to the aesthetic of her home and survive heavy use from a number of cats over time (not to mention saving her own furniture from a slow death by scratching).

Discovering Australian eco pet furniture creators, Woods for Cats, Matleena immediately struck up a strong rapport via Instagram, with their Founder and Director, Livia Lubyova.

Matleena went on to purchase the TokTok Cat Tree, The Pole Dancer (with moon shelf) and also has The Cone Scratcher.


Cat furniture that adapts to meet different cat needs, is apartment safe and long-lasting

“I discovered Woods for Cats on Instagram. Their products looked beautiful and were advertised to be easy to install and to move, without the need for screws or large amounts of space.

“I was able to speak directly with their Founder, Livia, and she answered all my questions and provided essential guidance on the best products for my home and my cats.

“I’m really happy with each piece of furniture, and both my cats and every single foster cat who has come through, loves them as well.

“I started off with one piece and was so convinced by the products that I added more within only a few months. The TokTok and Pole Dancer are so easy to put together, fit well into small spaces, and don’t require any screw fixtures so they were easy to move around my rental apartment as needed, and were very easy to move into my new house as well when the time came.

“I have been able to adapt the positioning of shelves and ramps to allow Kath and Kim to climb and enjoy the TokTok, despite their arthritis. And I have easily been able to move the position of the towers depending on our other needs.”

Matleena has found the TokTok wonderful for her cats to climb, perch, observe the outdoor world, and to have a safe space to retreat when needed.

The Pole Dancer cat tree has been a particular favourite with the kittens who love to use it to practise their climbing skills.

Cat furniture for multi-cat household
Cat furniture for multi-cat household


Quality cat furniture that gives both kittens and senior cats essential enrichment and climbing space

“I’m so pleased with the Woods for Cats furniture. My house has these beautiful pieces now which match each other and receive glowing feedback from visitors.

“And, most importantly, the cats absolutely love them, and have stopped scratching my couch.

“The cat trees provide so much activity for the kittens to practise climbing, and they are durable for claw sharpening. I can also adjust them to help my senior cats to also enjoy them.

“Each piece has been of such great value – whilst they’re an upfront investment, they’re lasting so well, and if anything breaks, you can just replace that part – you don’t have to throw the whole tower away. And, to be honest, even with heavy use, I’ve not needed to worry – I might replace the carpets at some point, but that’s at least 5 years away.

Woods for Cats were amazing to deal with. Once you place an order, they track the parcel for you and let you know when to expect its arrival. Upon arrival, they checked in with me to see if I had any questions about assembling the furniture.

“You can tell they genuinely love seeing cats use and enjoy their products – it gives them so much joy.”

To anyone thinking of buying from Woods for Cats, Matleena says:
“Contact Livia and let her know a bit about your cat: their age, activity level, and what the space you have is like. From there, she can recommend the right options for you.

“They’re not just a nameless service; there’s a real person there that cares about your cat and you know you’re in good hands. You’re supported the whole way.”


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